The Australian Christian Lobby has written to Sydney’s Inner West City Council ahead of tonight’s council meeting asking them to reject staff recommendations to use ratepayers’ money for a celebratory LGBTIQ picnic and mardi gras float.

“Many ratepayers will be wondering how their councilors could justify allowing grants to go to LGBTIQ party events instead of helping sick babies, cancer victims and people with disabilities, as reported in the Daily Telegraph last week,” ACL NSW director Kieren Jackson said.

“Many people living in the Inner West will be scratching their heads as to how it is okay to give $6,500 toward an LGBTIQ picnic but deny a $14,000 funding request from Royal Prince Alfred Hospital’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit or funding for cancer or disability services.

“It seems like Sydney’s Inner West Council has its priorities all wrong.

“The question that needs to be asked is whether the Inner West Council’s energetic support of the “Yes” campaign in the current postal survey is colouring the council’s judgement when it comes to being responsible with ratepayers’ money,” Mr Jackson said.

“By pressure being put on the Inner West Council we can see that rainbow activism does not end just with their marriage campaign – this is a political movement that keeps putting its hand out for more.

“The ACL calls on councilors to re-evaluate council’s proposed allocation of ratepayer funds to ensure they are more in line with mainstream community needs and expectations.“