The Australian Christian Lobby has welcomed as a good “first step”, news that the NSW Government will give parents the right to “opt in” to the controversial Safe Schools program.

ACL New South Wales Director Mark Makowiecki said it was good to see the NSW Government requiring its Education Department to implement recommendations from the Federal Government’s review into Safe Schools.

“The Safe Schools Coalition has been thumbing its nose at the recommendations of the Louden review that was called by Federal Education Minister Simon Birmingham after deep concerns were raised with the gender idealogy in Safe Schools,” Mr Makowiecki said.

“We expect all State Governments to implement the recommendations that give parents the right to determine if their children should take part in the program which teaches children their gender is fluid.

“In July, the NSW Government took away the rights of parents to know which schools are running the program, making the list secret.

“The fact that they’re now hiding information which was previously publicly available has only strengthened parents’ resolve to be properly informed of what their children are being taught.

“The revelations that students in NSW schools are being taught, in several programs, that their gender is fluid – a scientifically questionable concept – constitutes a massive breach of trust and is reckless.”

Mr Makowiecki raised concerns of legal liability should a child follow gender theory advice and do irreparable damage to their body.

“What happens if a child, acting on ‘Safe Schools’advice, does things to their body which cannot be reversed in the future?

“Is the NSW Government liable?”

Debate on the Safe Schools program will occur in the NSW Legislative Assembly today at 3.30pm in response to an Australian-Chinese community petition signed by more than 17,000 people.

“For two years the Safe Schools program has had a free pass in New South Wales, but the community is beginning to realise the dangerous contested gender theory that it promotes,” Mr Makowiecki said.

“Parents are beginning to realise that Safe Schools and same sex marriage are part of the same package deal. 

“If the gender requirement is removed from marriage via changes to the Marriage Act, anti-discrimination laws will be leveraged to ensure that Safe Schools-style sex education becomes the norm.”