Victoria’s Legislative Council today heard of the incredible risk that comes with sanctioning assisted suicide by both a supporter and opponent of the Labor Government’s euthanasia bill. 

“A leading supporter of the legislation, Mary Wooldridge MLC stated this morning that she was stunned that the Andrews Government hadn’t properly funded palliative care in this state, leaving thousands of Victorians without palliative care,” Australian Christian Lobby Victorian director Dan Flynn said.

“Palliative Care Victoria has estimated that 10,000 Victorians die every year without palliative care.

“With palliative care grossly underfunded and the Australian Medical Association advising against euthanasia and assisted suicide, it is reckless for the Legislative Council to pass this risky bill,” Mr Flynn said.

In opposing the bill, Labor’s Daniel Mulino MLC correctly identified how Belgium’s eligibility has widened to include minors once it had legalised euthanasia.

“As Mr Mulino told parliament, almost half of those who die by lethal doses in Oregon, the model on which Labor’s euthanasia bill is based, do so for fear of being a burden on others.

“The proponents of the bill need to acknowledge that the pressure of being a burden is a heavy weight on the minds of vulnerable people who contemplate ending their lives.

“Of critical importance is the fact that the Victorian Government is rushing the development of a drug through a university compounding pharmacy unit to sidestep the federal Therapeutic Goods Administration.

“The Legislative Council is being asked to sign off on a suicide regime without knowing which drug will be used, its efficacy or any potential complications that may result from incorrect usage.

“No one can definitively say whether the death by way of taking a lethal drug will be prolonged or painful.”