News today that academic advocates of so-called Safe Schools want five-year-olds to learn about sex change operations should be of concern to all Australian parents.

Australian Christian Lobby Managing Director Lyle Shelton said there seemed to be no end to how far this radical program would encroach into the lives of Australian families trying to raise the next generation of boys and girls.

“After years of being told gender does not matter in marriage law, we should not be surprised that teaching year one children that gender is just a social construct is the next wave of the rainbow flag.”

Mr Shelton said revelations today that academics from Adelaide’s Flinders University had conducted an experiment with children as young as five to teach them that sex change surgery for their mother or father was okay, was deeply disturbing

“That these academics are recommending the so-called Safe Schools program be extended to primary schools is beyond belief.”

Mr Shelton said the federal government had recently ordered Safe Schools out of primary schools yet these academics were experimenting in primary schools and by their own admission, confusing children.

One of Australia’s leading supporters of same-sex marriage, Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews, has said anyone who opposes “Safe Schools” is a bigot and he is making the program compulsory in government high schools from 2018.

“The Australian people will soon be asked to vote in a plebiscite on changing the Marriage Act – and the consequences of this potential change are already there for families to see.

“All Australians need to take a close look when they vote to decide whether or not the gender requirement should be removed from the Marriage Act.”




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