what are abortion laws

Thank you joining this very important conversation in Australia – about women and our vulnerable unborn.

Who really thinks a woman shouldn’t have rights over what happens with her own body? But what if the decision she is making is not an informed choice? What if abortion is not just a simple medical procedure? What if abortion does not just remove a ‘clump of cells’?

What if women are not getting the information needed to make an informed choice? Does that mean it is really a choice at all? Or is this just manipulation for someone else’s benefit?

Most people who are standing up for life and the unborn know that many women who had an abortion didn’t make an informed choice. Many women didn’t really understand the miracle that was going on inside their own body.

There is now abundant evidence of abortion coercion by partners, family or more insidiously, by professionals who channel women to an abortion clinic.

There is also a large body of evidence that a significant proportion of women suffer from post abortive trauma. See more on their stories below.

More and more Australians are realising the reality of the precious life of an unborn child inside a womb. More and more Australians are speaking up about the loss, depression and trauma women experience leading up to and after an abortion, and the horrific dark side of abortion – the domestic violence and coercion which means that this is not a real choice for women.

And more and more Australians are giving a voice to the unborn all over the country. In Sydney NSW last year, day and night rallies saw 10,000+ people join together to stand for life. In Adelaide this year some 3,000 people walked for life!

We are passionate about this issue because every abortion ends a human life. That’s a problem because every human life matters.

We believe that it’s more compassionate to tell people the truth. There is better way. We can love both women and the unborn. We can love them both.