Fact Sheets

The Australian Christian Lobby has compiled fact sheets on some of the major issues of concern to Christians, including abortion, euthanasia, marriage and problem gambling. Read the fact sheets below.

Screenshot_ExploitationOfWomenEXPLOITATION OF WOMEN
In a country that promotes gender equality it’s a sad fact that women are being trafficked here and sold for sex. In fact the problem is bigger than most of us realise. The United Nations and the United States State Department have identified Australia as a destination country Continue Reading









Screenshot _FamilyFAMILY
In 2011 research commissioned by the Australian Christian Lobby and undertaken by Professor Patrick Parkinson from the University of Sydney showed the fragile nature of Australian families. Called ‘For Kids’ Sake’, the report tracks the deterioration in the wellbeing Continue Reading









Marriage Fact SheetMARRIAGE
Both a man and a woman are needed to create life. Marriage brings together two people who are different so they can nurture any children their union produces. Marriage is a symbol of God’s love for the church. The church is the bride of Christ. Marriage has a unique and rich meaning for Continue Reading









Screenshot_ProblemGamblingPROBLEM GAMBLING
Although many Australians like to have a flutter on a sporting event, for tens of thousands of Australians gambling is a serious addiction. It can send them into poverty, breaking apart families and destroying lives. In 2010 the Productivity Commission reported that there are an estimated Continue Reading









Screenshot_ProtectingTheUnbornPROTECTING THE UNBORN
It is estimated 80,000 unborn children each year don’t get the opportunity to experience life outside the womb. Research shows that 95% of women who have an abortion choose to do so for psychosocial reasons that often relate to a woman’s economic situation including work, education Continue Reading









Screenshot_SeparationOfChurchAndStateSEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE
It is a popular belief that separation of church and state in Australia implies that Christian and/or religious ideas and worldviews have no place in the public sphere. Some may go further and decry government funding of faith-based schools and institutions as a breach Continue Reading









Screenshot_OutdoorAdvertisingSEXUALISATION OF SOCIETY
Millions of children each day are exposed to adult content in advertising; whether they’re on public transport, walking or in a car. Children are seeing sexualised content in prominent public spaces. Research confirms that a highly sexualised environment impedes children’s development of Continue Reading









Screenshot_ValuingLifeVALUING LIFE
With an ageing Australian population there will be increasing pressure on Australia’s health system in the coming years. As many people reach the later stages of life and encounter illness there have been calls to legalise euthanasia and assisted suicide as a ‘compassionate’ response Continue Reading






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