Across the world, particularly in India and China, millions of girls are being killed, aborted, or abandoned simply because they are girls. Many who do survive become subjected to neglect and violence at the hands of their family members and husbands, and is motivated by centuries-old traditions and cultural dynamics.

It's a Girl is a documentary highlighting the continuing violence towards and the elimination of girls in places like India and China. It examines why this is happening and why so little is being done to stop it. It tells tragic stories of trafficked girls, of women who suffer extreme violence at the hands of their families, and of those mothers who would kill their unborn girl for a son.

It's a Girl has screened across Australia in the last month, and will be available to purchase on DVD soon.

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The ACL has called for an end to violence against women, particularly advocating for stricter regulation for young trafficked women. Last year, ACL appeared before the NSW inquiry into human trafficking and the exploitation of women, urging the government seriously consider banning the purchase of sex to properly tackle the growing human trafficking problem.

Read ACL's submission into the inquiry by clicking this link.