Jackie Trad’s abortion bill is one of the most dangerous abortion laws in Australia. 

If the bill were to pass the parliament it would allow for abortions for any reason at any stage.  Remember, a baby's brain activity can be detected after 8 weeks. 

It does nothing to protect the lives of babies who may have survived an abortion. 

Jackie Trad’s extreme abortion bill puts baby girls at risk from sex-selective abortions 

But there is hope!  You can help defeat Jackie Trad’s extreme abortion bill and help save baby’s lives… 

First, Labor MPs have been given a conscience vote on the bill.  That means there are Labor MPs who may still vote against the bill if they hear from you. 

Secondly, the LNP are yet to decide how they are going to vote on this bill. 

This means we have lots of opportunities to win hearts and minds in the parliament and ultimately, save lives. 

Please use the form below to email your state MP today and ask them to vote against Jackie Trad’s extreme abortion bill. 

And don’t forget, once you’ve done that, please share the campaign with your friends and family and as always, please continue to pray for our nation, and for our state of Queensland.