1 September 2015

A county court clerk in America should have been allowed to have her name taken off marriage licences issued to same-sex couples instead of being thrown in jail, according to the Australian Christian Lobby.

The jailing of Kim Davis, a Christian woman who was elected clerk of Rowan County Court in Kentucky, was heavy handed and over the top ACL Managing Director Lyle Shelton said today.

Mr Shelton said America’s sudden redefinition of marriage by five un-elected Supreme Court judges meant that discussion of the consequences were not allowed to run their course through the democratic process resulting in this week’s jailing.

Instead of jail, Ms Davis’ name should have been allowed to be taken off the marriage licences issued by deputies willing to support the State’s new definition of marriage.

“Clearly her conscience was troubled by her name appearing on same-sex marriage licences issued by her deputies. Her concerns should have been accommodated without her having to lose her job or be thrown in jail,” Mr Shelton said.

Like America, the same-sex political movement in Australia was also becoming more and more intolerant of dissent.

“Only this week we saw the leader of Australia’s political movement to redefine marriage, Rodney Croome, reiterate his view on ABC radio that Christian teaching on marriage being distributed in Christian schools is against the law.”

Proposed bills abolishing husband and wife in Australia’s Marriage Act provided no protection for anyone other than ministers of religion.

“As we are seeing in America, people other than clergy have consciences too and these people’s consciences should also be protected.

“Millions of Australians of ethnic, religious or no religious background would always support marriage remaining exclusively gender diverse in law.

“For the sake of justice for children, marriage must remain gender-diverse,” Mr Shelton said.

“Donor conceived children should not be denied their parents without their consent, something promoted by opponents of gender diverse marriage.”