By Jim Wallace, ACL Managing Director

Friday was bit of a slow day on the campaign trail from the Christian perspective.

For us the candidate video segments continued to stream in and Rob Ward, our Victorian State Director, alone reported having received some seven to upload. It is good to see this catching on and hopefully this new initiative for the website for this election will gain even more momentum over the next week.

You can view both Senate and House of Representative videos at this link and if your local candidate has not already put one up, we suggest you contact his or her office and get them to.

Today’s SMH (page 9) reported some more disconcerting news about the Greens, revealing that despite the image of being above the shady side of politics and power they attempt to portray as differentiating them from the major parties, they are no different, perhaps worse.

The Party has a committee known as the National Attack Response Group, a name I would have been proud of in my SAS days, but seems hardly appropriate in a democratic process like an election.

The purpose of it seems to be well described by the name however. On the 23rd July the SMH reports that Emma Bull from Senator Brown’s office requested state branches check local contacts “ for lawyers who may be willing to give pro bono advice if injunctions are required at any point “.

This might seem reasonable contingency planning except for the reason given for needing it as so solicitors could: “write cease and desist letters to frighten off people (will work only with smaller groups, not with the major parties.)”

This is a party which pretends to stand for transparency and for the little person. But presumably like most ideologies of the far right or left, that is only if you agree with them – if you are a “smaller group” trying to criticise the Greens you will clearly be open to legal thuggery.

As someone who would dearly like to see a truly moral party that had a deep concern for the environment and the vulnerable, I am becoming more and more concerned that the Greens are managing to run a very deceptive campaign. With their already having done deals for preferences like any other party and this revelation they can hardly claim any moral high ground.

In addition they answered only the 25% of our questions they knew would appeal to Christians, knowing all the time that they had policies that wouldn’t for most of the other 24 questions. Then the candidate who Bob Brown holds up every time their anti-faith agenda is criticised as his model Christian candidate swears on metropolitan television, and now they are prepared in the best traditions of Stalin to bully critics.

Not happy Bob!