By Jim Wallace, ACL Managing Director

As the final election week draws to a close and the need to place an informed vote for more Godly government draws closer, my main aim in these blogs is to highlight more recent announcements that we think might influence your decision and also on Thursday, to discuss the Senate.

I am sorry that I am one blog behind at the moment!

The Coalition has announced an initiative that will raise the profile of aid within government with the intention to appoint an International Development Minister. This will be very much welcomed by NGOs and has been something they had wanted to see. It should bring some compensation for their efforts on the part of the world’s poor, given the failure of either major party to commit to a definite timetable for applying the MDG’s target of .7% of GNI to set aid budgets beyond 2015. World Vision’s CEO Tim Costello has welcomed the initiative.

Labor has committed to close a loophole in the regulation of the mobile phone industry that allows games and applications to go online without any classification. While ACL is unsure how the classification would be applied, as the number of games and applications going online is massive, there is at least an acknowledgement that this needs to be fixed – although part of the motivation is to capture the classification fees being avoided by the telcos.

There are quite a few areas where the major parties have differences at the edges. Some of these relate to differences in approach to a problem such as homelessness, where the Coalition would see its approach as directed more at the causes, particularly drugs and mental illness, while Labor would claim its policy is more direct intervention with investment in more low cost housing for instance – see and compare the policies.

Tomorrow I will discuss the all important Senate vote.