Is our vision as the church big enough – do we believe that Christ would have us influence the character of a nation?

Christians understand we live in a fallen world and that its fallen nature impacts most on the most vulnerable - the disadvantaged and the young. We see daily public policy and legislation that pains us, but all too often feel powerless to correct it, particularly when it is championed by powerful vested interests.

But elections give an opportunity to positively influence the morality and compassion of our society. We only need to know who, or what party will best assert these principles.

We are encouraging every church to register for the web-cast of the ‘Make it Count’ event where Mr Rudd and Mr Abbott have agreed to address your concerns, ones that often fall below the radar of mainline media coverage during an election.

Just as important, though, is the need to honour their commitment to you during a busy parliamentary week by being there to listen to their addresses and responses to questions put by Christian leaders.

This event also provides an opportunity for you to pray for the elections as a church and to fellowship around the very important question of where do I place my vote to best serve Christ?

We pray you’ll join us on the night and encourage your church leader to register your church for the web-cast today.