The ACL's MD Jim Wallace will participate in a discussion with Australian journalist David Marr at the Festival of Dangerous Ideas on Sunday October 2, 2011. The topic for discussion is "Gays and lesbians do not belong in the classroom". If you live in Sydney, please consider coming along to support Jim.

Date: Sunday October 2, 2011 12pm, Playhouse

Cost: From $20

Exempt from anti-discrimination laws, religious organisations of all faiths have the right to decide who they employ in their schools, and who they sack, on questions of faith and morals. For many Australians the idea that gay men and lesbians don't belong in the classroom is an unjust anachronism, but parents are opting in large numbers to send their children to schools that offer a 'values-driven' education. If there is a place for faith in the classroom, does equality of opportunity have to take second place, or can religious values and equality be reconciled?

David Marr is an Australian journalist, author, and political commentator. He writes for the Sydney Morning Herald. Jim Wallace is the managing director of the Australian Christian Lobby.