This February will see the launch of the film Fifty Shades Darker.  It is the latest in the Fifty Shades series based on the book trilogy.

The film features a woman in a violent and abusive relationship and seeks to normalize sadistic sexual behaviours.

Every week in Australia, a woman dies from domestic violence.

Yet films like Fifty Shades Darker try to normalize sexual violence and perpetrate a lie that ‘every fairy tale has a dark side’.

Join the boycott and make a stand against violence towards women.

10,000 signatures needed

I pledge to boycott Fifty Shades Darker.

I will not see it at the cinemas.  I won’t rent it, I won’t buy it, I won’t give it as a gift.  I promise to turn the TV off if this film comes on and this is why:

Violence is never romantic.  Domestic abuse is not entertainment.

Domestic violence is a scourge on our society and every week it leaves an Australian woman dead.

That’s somebody’s daughter, somebody’s mother, somebody who deserves love and respect.

Fifty Shades Darker and films like it try to normalize violence and make people think that it is ok.

I cannot and will not support such a lie.