Imagine what it would be like if you couldn’t pray. As Christians, prayer is at the very centre of who we are. We are praying people.  But yet that’s exactly what happened to Joshua. Joshua is a young Australian, university student who loves Christ and wanted to share that love with his friends and those he came into contact with.

And, yet Josh quickly found himself in trouble.  In fact, it cost him dearly…

Sadly, Josh’s story is an example of just how quickly things are changing in Australia.

For over twenty years, Australian Christian Lobby has been a voice for values into our nation’s parliaments. And more recently, through our Human Rights Law Alliance in our courts.

It’s a voice that is badly needed in a time when our political leaders and institutions are becoming increasingly emboldened in their hostility towards faith.

Thank you for your support in helping more people like Josh who get in trouble with the law for living out their faith.