[caption id="attachment_1977" align="alignright" width="392" caption="Jim Wallace interviews Prime Minister Gillard"][/caption]

 Last Friday, ACL Managing Director Jim Wallace conducted an interview with Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

This follows the June 21 Make it Count event with the then Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and the Opposition Leader Tony Abbott. Their addresses were webcast live to churches throughout Australia.

Three days later there was a change of leadership. In the interests of fairness and protocol, ACL approached the new Prime Minister and she granted an interview with Mr Wallace.

Ms Gillard introduces herself to the Christian constituency and answers the same questions that were put to Mr Abbott at the Make it Count event.

Topics covered include indigenous welfare, prayer in Parliament, refugees, marriage, school chaplaincy, sexualisation of children, climate change and the reliability of commitments should the Greens control the Senate.

Answers to many other questions of Christian concern have been provided by the Parties in writing and these are also posted at australiavotes.org.au.