Queenslanders deserve to know the full extent of the controversial Safe Schools program in state schools and why on the eve of the election, Education Minister Kate Jones suddenly denies its existence.

In an interview with Catholic Archbishop of Brisbane Mark Coleridge, Minister Jones states “Safe Schools has never been taught in a school in Queensland. It hasn’t under my watch and it will not be taught in a school in Queensland. We certainly have not taught Safe Schools in a Queensland classroom.” (8.45min mark)

“Why does Minister Jones deny Safe Schools has, or continues to exist, in Queensland schools when her Department previously confirmed that many schools used the program and that the list of those schools was removed from publication in late 2015,” Australian Christian Lobby Queensland director Wendy Francis said.

“Given the effort Minister Jones has put into keeping the list of schools participating in the gender theory program secret, it would be difficult for many parents to understand her comments.

“We know it was rolled out for use in schools and the government has never withdrawn the program.

"It is our understanding that the government has allowed principals to use all of the Safe Schools materials in their schools.

“Surely the only way parents can have confidence in what the children are being taught is if the government mandates the removal of the program.”

“Queensland parents want transparency – they simply want to know what their kids are being taught.

“We don’t know if anything has changed because the Government has not removed the program and there is no transparency.

“As Queenslanders go to vote tomorrow, I encourage everyone to understand what the party policies are as there are stark differences, especially on issues such as euthanasia, abortion and the training and teaching of highly controversial gender theory.

Visit: http://www.acl.org.au/qldvotes_17