KAP - Shane Knuth



Sex and Gender Education:

Parent’s have a right to expect schools to respect all views of sexuality and gender rather than demonising a

family’s heterosexual world-view as homophobic or intolerant. The public outcry against the introduction of

Safer Schools is evidence enough that parents believe it is their right to educate their children in the areas of

secuality and gender. Sex and gender education should never have been associated with bullying and it

exposed Safer Schools as a form of social engineering to force students to accept a government agenda.

Acceptance and tolerance cannot be taught by forcing a singular view of sexuality.



I have, and always will, fight for the right to life. I cannot understand why an unborn child is not protected and

sacred in our culture. We need better services to care for mums who are considering that option with balanced

counselling and support to help women access alternative solutions. There are many women who have had

abortions that need and deserve help working through the trauma of that decision and there are instances

where the life of the mother is genuinely under threat but an abortion due to the inconvenience it causes the

parents is something I could not support.



When we are talking about euthanasia it is important to be clear what exactly we are discussing. There are

avenues available for patients to request no medical intervention to prolong life. There are no countries in the

world who have legalised non-voluntary or involuntary euthanasia although some countries do permit voluntary

euthanasia. I believe that non-voluntary or involuntary euthanasia is unacceptable and if voluntary euthanasia

creates a slippery slope toward that outcome then we need to find an alternative legal framework to prevent or

ease the suffering of patients in an incurable and painful condition.


Outdoor advertising:

In 2013 I tabled the Classification of Publications (Billboard Advertising) and Other Legislation Amendment Bill.

Unfortunately the bill was rejected by a hostile Government led by former-Premier Campbell Newman. It was

disappointing that the LNP used their numbers to actively fight against my attempt to protect children from

exploitation and exposure to inappropriate material in public spaces.



The Nordic model of managing prostitution targets those who exploit sex-workers. It was pioneered in Sweden

and ‘decriminalises all those who are prostituted, provides support services to help them get out, and makes

buying people for sex a criminal offence in order to reduce the demand that drives sex trafficking’. 1 This model

recognises that many people who resort to working in this industry do so out of difficult life circumstances and

would benefit more from intervention and assistance than prosecution.



Human Rights Bill:


The issue I see with a Bill of Rights is that it clouds the importance of our constitution. There are many

protections in our constitution that have been eroded by legislation over the years, yet few people are aware of

the massive changes that have occurred because we are not taught about our constitution the way we should.

A debate about an Australian Bill of RIghts consumes the time and energy we should be investing in

understanding and applying the protections afforded by the Australian Constitution. Those advocating for an

Australian Bill of Rights give me the impression they are trying to circumvent the democratic process it requires

to make changes to our constitution.


Child Safety:

I have a strong record defending the safety of children. In 2013 I introduced the Child Protection (Offender

Reporting - Publication of Information) Amendment Bill 2013 into Parliament which sought to identify sexual

predators that had been released back into the community. I continue to support a sex offenders registry for

better screening of applicants for positions working with children.