If we keep pushing, the edifice holding up harmful public policy ideas like abortion and same-sex marriage will crash over.

This is because the edifice is rotten.

Eric Metaxas reminded us of this when he was speaking to Parliamentarians and Christian leaders at a function we ran last April at the Victorian Parliament.

US State Department bureaucrats were apoplectic (very upset) when former US President Ronald Reagan signalled he would give a speech at Germany’s Brandenburg Gate where he intended to call on Soviet leader Michael Gorbachov to “tear down” the Berlin Wall.

Eric reminded us that Reagan ignored the foreign policy experts, gave the speech and the rest is history.

A rotten system collapsed and Communism has all but disappeared as a political ideology.

Last night on the ABC’s Q&A program a brave disabled woman, Kath Duncan, put herself out on national television to challenge so-called ethicist Peter Singer of Princeton University about his views on killing disabled children.

You can watch the exchange here at the 35 minute mark.

Singer has been a long time advocate of infanticide, abortion and euthanasia. (He also supports bestiality).

“Mr Singer, you advocate infanticide - the killing of disabled people AFTER they are born,” Kath said, waving the stump of her disabled arm around in the air.

“In Japan 19 disabled people have just been murdered by a person espousing selection euthanasia for disabled people. Your views are surely dog-whistling to people who commit violence against us?”

Singer’s response was to deny this but he went on to say “everyone who wants to go on living ought to be given the greatest possible support.”

A baby, able bodied or disabled, has no way of knowing if he or she “wants to go on living”.

This is why we have mums and dads and a civil society that should uphold the most precious right of all – the right to life.

Singer went on to say that parent “are the ones who are going to be forced to look after this (disabled) child whether they want to or not.”

At this, Virginia Trioli, standing in for Tony Jones, reminded Singer of his radical views about infanticide, quoting from a speech he gave at Princeton.

He said he stood by his comments that it was ok to take “active steps to end the baby’s life swiftly and humanely.”

Full credit to the ABC and Trioli for pushing Singer. And full credit to Kath for her courage.

The edifice supporting the idea that some human lives, born or unborn, can be terminated because they have no way of knowing if they “want to go on living” is rotten.

It was exposed as much on national television and it's days are numbered.

Also yesterday, the ideas propping up abortion came under further fire at a Queensland Parliamentary committee hearing into Cairns MP Rob Pyne’s Bill to legalise abortion to birth.

ACL’s Queensland Director Wendy Francis gave evidence along with other pro-life champions.

The word is that the Pyne Bill is dead but the threat to human rights for the unborn remains.

But if we keep pushing, this rotten edifice will come down. Yesterday saw it given two big shoves.