A group of Liberal MPs are planning to defy their Prime Minister and trash the election promise they made to you.

They plan to cross the floor, vote with Labor, the Greens and independents to force the Parliament to debate same-sex marriage.

They promised you there would be no change without a people’s vote. Despite the Prime Minister showing good faith, the Liberal Party is in danger of no longer being able to provide a pathway for marriage, freedom of speech and freedom from gender ideology to be preserved.

Your voice is needed now urgently as MPs prepare to head back to Canberra next week. The Liberals are having a special party meeting at 4pm on Monday. 

Time and again you have demonstrated what can be achieved when we work together, humbly relying on Almighty God and calmly, politely, and persuasively making our case to MPs. 

This form will allow you to email your Liberal or National MP as well as Coalition senators from your state.

If you live in an electorate held by the Government, your member of the house of representatives will receive your email.

And no matter where you live in Australia, your email will be sent to government senators from your state. 

Here are some points you might like to make in your email: 

  • The Government was voted in on a promise that provided a pathway to protect the definition of marriage.
  • If the Coalition can’t provide this, I will have no choice at the next election. I will have to vote for candidates who will act to protect marriage.
  • Marriage is a proxy war by a small minority which wants to take away free speech & religion and teach children their gender is fluid.
  • Just look at what happened to Coopers Brewery or Archbishop Julian Porteous.
  • The UK Equality Minister said last month that changing gender was the next “step forward” after same-sex marriage. It just doesn’t stop.
  • Australia’s leaders should be making it easier for kids to be with their mum and dad, not harder.