"There's no safe place for kids anymore where they are not going to be bombarded with adult sexuality. It's in the music, it's on the TV, it's on their phones -- it's inescapable. And it's having an effect.” - Bravehearts founder Hetty Johnston in today’s The Australian.

Pornography’s march through our society has meant it is now influencing the behaviour of children in daycare centres.

Below is a an excellent letter to the editor of The Australian from Ros Phillips of Family Voice Australia responding to the recent media coverage of children sexually abusing children.

YESTERDAY'S front-page report reveals that switching off your own TV or filtering your home computer to protect your children from pornography does nothing to prevent them being sexually abused by other children whose parents are less vigilant ("Children sexually abusing children 'ignored and denied' ", 26/7).

Fixing our broken classification system would be a step in the right direction -- so would ISP filtering. Tony Abbott wants the former; Julia Gillard wants the latter; Bob Brown apparently wants neither. Is any major party willing to protect our most vulnerable citizens?

Roslyn Phillips, Tea Tree Gully, SA