8 February 2016

Concerned parents are pulling their kids from school after some 490 schools across Australia signed up to the $8 million Government-sponsored program ‘Safe Schools’ that endorses students cross-dressing and other radical sexual concepts.

The ‘Safe Schools’ Coalition and Minus 18, have released this year a new program “All of Us” that contains an abundance of slick classroom material and videos which teach kids aged 11 to 14 that they can be lesbian, gay, bisexual, straight, queer and pansexual (attracted to everyone).

According to Australian Christian Lobby spokesperson Wendy Francis, the most worrying aspect is that it pressures kids into accepting LGBTI concepts and confuses them about their own identity.

“’All of Us’ asks students a series of questions which singles out students that do not support LGBTI issues or have not yet formed an opinion. Students then have to explain why they hold a different view in front of the class and teacher, and are coached to alter their views,” Ms Francis said.

“One activity requires the class to imagine themselves as 16 year olds in a same-sex relationship.

“Making a public example of children on controversial sexual matters is a form of cultural bullying. It is ironic that the program, which claims to tackle bullying, pressures children from families who may not support LGBTI ideology.

“Schools should be a safe environment where students are taught and not where they are made a public example of if they do not support or know where they stand on a particular ideology.

“What right do schools have to force this ideology upon 11 and 14 year old children? Why are parents not being consulted?

Ms Francis warned that the impact of Safe Schools and its resources such as “All of Us’ on children, may not be fully explained to parents.

“I would hope that the schools that have signed up to the program have fully informed parents about what their children would now be exposed to and taught,” Ms Francis said.

Victorian mother of four, Cella White, has withdrawn her son and daughter from Frankston High School, South of Melbourne, because it had signed up to the $8 million Federally-funded, Safe Schools.

“I feel that the Safe Schools Coalition exposes my children to questionable information that is neither convincing, nor conclusive,” White said. “The school is not hearing me and my input seems irrelevant.”

Perth mother of four, Emily McKenna said she would not be sending her children to her local public school and will now be home-schooling. This is a result of her deep concerns with the graphic sexualised Safe Schools-promoted material that children would be taught in the public system.

“My concern is that parents have made their progressive views known and are keen to support promoting LGBTI views on our children. If my children stayed in that environment I could see that they would be sidelined and bullied for their traditional beliefs,” Mrs McKenna said.

Sydney pastor David Maher said he had written a letter to the Burwood Girls School on behalf of some 15 parents and members of the community who were concerned with the Safe Schools Coalition program.

“I know of a number of parents and girls that are fearful of saying anything public because of possible bullying by teachers and other negative repercussions,” Rev Maher said.

In July 2015, Queensland mother and neurostrategist Simone Leslie was quoted in the Sunshine Coast Daily saying that she believed the information from Safe Schools was inappropriate. She said the campaign was exposing children to information that they were too young to handle. She said the children were minors and not of the age of consent so it was wrong to confuse them.

Ms Francis said: “We encourage parents across the nation to inquire from their children’s school whether it has signed up to the “Safe School” agenda. If it has, parents should be speaking out loudly in defence of their children by pressing the school to withdraw from the dangerous program.”


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All of Us” Safe Schools publication.

ACL will provide contact details on request.


  • What is the Safe Schools Coalition?

The Safe Schools Coalition Australia (SSCA) is a federally-funded program, rolled out in each state and territory following the approval of the relevant state education department. Marketed as an “anti-bullying” program, it purports to resource schools, teachers and students with information, training and materials to promote LGBTIQ-inclusive curriculum and policy.

Beneath the branding, this program prosecutes a political agenda, as well as the radical sexualisation of minors in a way that very few parents would tolerate if appraised of the details.

  • $8 million of federal funding - Commonwealth Department of Education and Training.

  • Distribution via the program's national convener, the Foundation for Young Australians.

  • The Victorian wing also receives funding from the Victorian State Government.