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Parents will now no longer have to worry if their children are being taught harmful gender theory at school after the NSW Government today banned it.

The Australian Christian Lobby welcomed news, reported in The Australian, that gender theory has been banned from NSW public schools.

The ban comes on the back of an independent review of NSW sex education resources by Professor Bill Louden.

The review was initiated in September last year after it was discovered the NSW Education Department had developed a resource called the ‘Teacher Toolbox’, the content of which appeared to be repackaged material from the controversial Safe Schools Coalition program.

Additional scrutiny of the Department's website also revealed that elements within ‘Crossroads’ - the state's compulsory sex education program for years 11 to 12 - were thoroughly imbued with gender and queer theory.

The review, which was tasked with evaluating the scientific merit of the research underpinning the materials in question, appears to have made a negative determination in relation to the validity of the research.

ACL NSW State Director, Mark Makowiecki, today joined the Hon Greg Donnelly MLC in calling for new Education Minister Rob Stokes to release the review in full. 

"The ACL and many parents and teachers are grateful for this decision. It is necessary, however, to make the final report public because scrutiny is warranted," Mr Makowiecki said.

"I applaud the decision and welcome the spotlight on the research of La Trobe University's Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society (ARCSHS), which was also behind the so-called Safe Schools program, which teaches children that their gender is fluid.

"There is more to do, with elements of queer theory remaining, but without doubt the decision to scrutinise the scientific basis for these ideas has been a step in the right direction."

Mr Makowiecki said that parents have a right to know who was responsible for pushing this radical sexual agenda within the department and whether any disciplinary action will be taken.