Media Release

Tuesday, November 21st, 2011

The ALP Left’s demand for same-sex marriage is neither an act of fairness nor politically astute according to the Australian Christian Lobby.

“The ALP Left’s insistence that same-sex marriage be the party’s official position would make the party permanently unelectable to a huge section of the population that would be deeply offended for religious or cultural reasons if the definition of marriage were changed,” said Mr Wallace.

“These people try to cloak their strident deconstructionist ideology in the language of fairness, but how fair is it that the view of half the population should be ignored and especially when the feelings of a large part of that are deeply rooted in faith and cultural sensitivities,” said Mr Wallace.

“There is not exactly any headlong rush into this overseas, with only 10 of the world’s 196 countries having same-sex marriage,” said Mr Wallace.

“Based on overseas take up rates, we know that only .2% of the general population will take advantage of this.”

“The Left and most recently Penny Wong, have continued to present this as an issue of discrimination when there is no substantive discrimination suffered by homosexual couples since the amending of over 80 pieces of federal legislation in 2008,” said Mr Wallace.

Mr Wallace said a petition calling on the Labor National Conference to preserve the meaning of marriage had quickly raced to over 75,000 signatures, and has further to run.

“It can only be a death wish that allows Labor to entertain even providing a conscience vote on this,” said Mr Wallace.

“Because rest assured that if the current definition is changed or weakened, then the numbers on that petition will be increased many times over as permanently alienated voters by the time of the election,” he said.