The Australian Christian Lobby has expressed disappointment that Toowoomba North Labor candidate Kerry Shine will break with convention by not attending Monday night’s Meet Your Candidate Forum.

“With the Queensland Labor Government allowing children to be taught gender fluid theory and radical LGBTIQ sex education to be taught secretly in Queensland schools, constituents are keen to know where Mr Shine stands on this,” ACL Queensland Director Wendy Francis said.

“The Meet Your Candidate forums, which are organised by the ACL have more than a decade-long history of being attended by candidates of all political persuasions,” Ms Francis said.

“These forums provide a platform for candidates to lay out their vision by addressing an important constituency on key ethical and moral issues that are relevant to them personally and to their electorate.

“Being non-partisan, ACL invites all candidates to attend and the decision by Mr Shine is out of step as Labor candidates have always been an integral part of the forum.

“Unfortunately, Mr Shine, perhaps unwittingly, is giving the impression that he is hiding from the Christian constituency which also comes from various political persuasions.” 

Toowoomba North residents will be understandably disappointed that ALP candidate will not attend the Meet Your Candidates forum organised for Monday evening at the Toowoomba City Church.

Voters want to know what makes Mr Shine tick and if he agrees with radical gender fluid, LGBTIQ sex education such as ‘Safe Schools’ being taught in Queensland schools.

“They want to know if he agrees with moves by some politicians who are pushing for our abortion laws to be changed to allow abortion at any stage of any pregnancy. 

These are important questions, the answers of which will inform people’s voting in the Toowoomba North electorate.

Toowoomba North residents are encouraged to come along and hear from LNP sitting member Trevor Watts, One Nation candidate Paul Wilson and independent candidate Josie Townsend. Residents will have the opportunity to ask the questions that are important to them.

The ACL is hopeful that Mr Shine will reconsider and make himself available to his electorate on Monday night.