WA Opposition leader Mark McGowan has reaffirmed his support for the controversial Safe Schools program at ACL’s Make it Count election event on February 23, 2016.

WA Labor has committed to redirect $1.4 million of Education Department funds over four years toward Safe Schools.

For the background to the question asked, Dahlia Messiha ACL’s WA director explains.

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Premier Colin Barnett told the 900 strong audience that he did “not support Safe Schools in any way”.

“It encourages experimentation, promiscuity, to very young children getting down into primary school.”

Early in 2016, the Federal Government took issue with the program and undertook a review which found significant faults with the program.

The Federal Government is defunding the program this year, but Labor has promised to fund the program in WA should it win the election.

Parents have raised concerns with Safe Schools because it teaches contested gender theory such as gender is fluid and a social construct.

The leaders answered many questions that lay on the hearts of Christians.  Issues covered the Chaplaincy, indigenous youth suicide, abortion, prostitution reform and the introduction of euthanasia legislation.

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