Labor’s election pledge to reverse years of cutting overseas aid by both sides of politics has been welcomed by the Australian Christian Lobby.

ACL Managing Director Lyle Shelton said the announcement to deliver $800 million a year more in aid than the Coalition by reversing the budgeted $224 million cut was the correct decision given Australia’s moral obligation to do its bit to help the world’s poor.

“The Australian Christian Lobby has long advocated for an increase in Australia’s overseas aid program and expressed concern that both parties have failed to meet our nation’s Millennium Development Goal promises.

“We hope the Coalition might match Labor in committing to rebuild the aid budget,” Mr Shelton said.

“While many Christians would be attracted to this policy, many would also be disappointed that Labor is pledging to fund the so-called Safe Schools program which teaches children their gender is fluid.

“They are also concerned about plans for a LGBTI anti-discrimination commissioner funded by the taxpayer to go after people who disagreed with changing the definition of marriage or who disagreed with gender theory being taught in schools,” Mr Shelton said.


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