It is difficult to believe that the alternative Prime Minister of Australia has today committed to publicly funding a program which teaches children that their gender is fluid.

Australian Christian Lobby Managing Director Lyle Shelton said no one wanted to see children bullied at school for any reason but today’s comments by Labor leader Bill Shorten that Labor in Government would continue to fund the so-called Safe Schools program would be of concern to most Australian parents.

“This represents Labor’s final capitulation to Greens’ ideology,” Mr Shelton said.

“Schools already have excellent anti-bullying programs. They don’t need a program teaching children their gender is fluid.

“Parents do not want boys, especially at high school, in the same toilets or change rooms as their daughters. This is something the Safe Schools material encourages,” Mr Shelton said.

“Most parents along with prominent feminists and paediatricians do not accept the idea that gender is simply a social construct.

“The Safe Schools resource for four year olds, The Gender Fairy, tells children that ‘no one can tell you if you are a boy or a girl’.”

Mr Shelton said it was concerning that Mr Shorten had not ruled out allowing Safe Schools to promote the Minus 18 website which gives instruction to girls on how to bind their chests and boys on how to tuck their genitals.

“Concern about children role-playing homosexual relationships is not right wing bigotry. The rainbow political agenda has overreached to the point where anyone questioning it is subject to verbal bullying to keep them quiet,” he said.

“This is a sad state of affairs for our nation.

"ACL, along with millions of ordinary Australians, look forward to the day when Labor comes back to the centre on social policy."


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