There’s a campaign within this election campaign. It is not playing out on people’s television screens so most Australians are oblivious.

But this campaign within a campaign has the potential to radically re-shape Australia more than any other issue under discussion in this lacklustre marathon election.

The sexual innocence of little children at school is at stake. Freedom of speech and freedom of religion is at stake. The right of Australians to decide the same-sex marriage question is at stake.

So why doesn’t anybody know?

Readers of The Australian and Fairfax on-line will be aware. But most punters don’t pay attention to these media outlets.

Labor’s capitulation to Greens’ rainbow politics was completed in spectacular but under-analysed fashion last week.

Bill Shorten nailed his and Labor’s rainbow colours to the mast.

This completed the most seismic shift to the extreme left ever conducted by a mainstream political party.

If elected, Mr Shorten announced he will fully fund the so-called “Safe Schools” program. This is the program which teaches children their gender is fluid and encourages schools to allow boys identifying as girls to use the girls’ toilets.

“Safe Schools” has produced a resource called The Gender Fairy which tells four-year-olds “no one can tell you if you are a boy or a girl”.

And when pressed, Mr Shorten didn’t rule out restoring aspects of “Safe Schools” which Malcolm Turnbull’s government pruned after a public outcry.

Instruction in “penis tucking” for boys and “chest binding” for girls could be allowed again under Labor.

A self-declared Marxist who wants to deconstruct societal norms, Roz Ward, runs the program.

Ward’s response to concerned parents is “tough luck”.

Does Bill Shorten and Labor really think this is what the voters in western Sydney want?

And in a policy bidding war with the Greens, Shorten said Labor would review the protections for religious freedom that are contained in anti-discrimination law.

These protections, known as religious exemptions, exist to allow religions to maintain their unique character and ethos.

These protection balance competing rights and are what allow Christian organisations to be Christian.

Any tampering with these could see Christians who live out their beliefs in public landed in court. It is that serious.

And just when we thought things could not get any worse, Labor announced on Saturday that it would establish a taxpayer-funded LGBTI Anti-Discrimination Commissioner within the Human Rights Commission.

Because there is no discrimination in Australian law against same-sex attracted people and couples, this powerful government commissioner will have nothing to do except pursue court cases against Australians who disagree with same-sex marriage and “Safe Schools”.

This is essentially a government-funded rainbow cop to enforce rainbow ideology from the pre-school to the board room. It is truly a farcical situation.

This is breathtaking stuff for a mainstream political party to even be contemplating.

For Labor to be attractive to Christian voters at this election, three things are needed.

First, Labor must agree to leave the anti-discrimination laws alone.

Second, Labor needs to promise to abolish “Safe Schools”. No child should be bullied for any reason but “Safe Schools” is not about this. It is about teaching your children their gender is fluid, a dangerous lie.

Third, Labor must agree to allow Australians to have a say on whether or not marriage is redefined. Labor has promised to scrap the peoples’ vote on marriage and legislate same-sex marriage within 100 days.

If this happens “Safe Schools” ideology will be mandated, freedom of speech and religion will be trampled and children will be denied the love and nurture of their parents in order to satisfy the desires of same-sex couples.

The issues discussed here are radical and they will affect everyone’s children and grandchildren.

This is happening under the radar because a largely uncurious media is not doing its job.

In the meantime, Australians sleep walk to a dangerous rainbow future.

If Labor wins the election, last week will go down in history as the week that sealed the rainbow deal.

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