Labor has now contested two federal elections promising to legislate same-sex marriage within 100 days, recording two of the lowest primary votes in its history.

Australian Christian Lobby Managing Director Lyle Shelton said it was time for Labor to move back to the sensible centre on social policy.

“It’s time Labor rethought its support for issues like same-sex marriage and the gender-bending, so-called “Safe Schools” program,” Mr Shelton said.

“The long-running debate about changing the definition of marriage is clearly not an issue for mainstream voters. They are focussed on other things while political elites and some in the media are fixated with same-sex marriage.

“The record vote for minor parties and independents is further evidence of mainstream disillusionment with the major parties and the Greens which have been too focussed on fringe, politically correct agendas.”

Mr Shelton said the uncertainty in the Senate would mean it would be unlikely a plebiscite on marriage will be held before Christmas.

ACL ran 34 Meet Your Candidate Forums throughout the campaign attended by 3044 people with “Safe Schools” a hot topic at each.

Volunteers also letterboxed one million flyers letting people know of the consequences of changing the definition of marriage and highlighting the dangers of “Safe Schools” gender ideology.

“We are very pleased with the grass roots mobilisation achieved during this campaign. People are concerned about some of the fringe agendas being run through mainstream politics and are responding magnificently to the challenge,” Mr Shelton said.


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