Late term abortion laws

According to a 2013 Galaxy poll, the majority of Tasmanians oppose late term abortions except in cases of severe disability. Despite this, Tasmania’s abortion law continues to allow abortion up until birth.

Would you support an amendment to legislation to repeal the provision of late term (post-24 weeks) abortions except when a mother’s life is in danger? 

Affiliation Candidate Answer
Independent Doug Chipman Yes 
Independent  Richard James Not until all circumstances and the mother’s state of mind are known. I believe some very young women (teenagers) may be influenced to have a change of mind or experience peer group pressure to term abortions post 24 weeks. I think counselling measures outlining options and the mother’s circumstances have to be taken into consideration before an amendment to legislation..
Independent  Hans Willink In principle, yes
Liberal Party  James Walker As on other matters I would consider any proposed legislation very carefully, and consult very closely with my constituents in Pembroke before making any decision about any proposed amendments.