Media Release

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

The Australian Christian Lobby has acknowledged Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s attempt to hold the line on marriage and said the party’s left must accept it or consign the party to total irrelevance for the huge part of the population that cares deeply about the definition of marriage.

“The PM has clearly tried to deal with the political reality of a section of the party that seems hell bent on losing forever a huge proportion of the population that cares deeply about marriage in order to satisfy its deconstructionists’ ideology,” said ACL Managing Director Jim Wallace.

“The party giving its parliamentarians a conscience vote on the issue will give less confidence to Christians than the party position taken by the Coalition. However it will at least allow them to consider the strength of the parties’ other policies and decide if the risk of choosing Labor is one they should take or not,” he said.

“A party policy supportive of same-sex marriage would definitely cost seats and especially in Western Sydney and south-east Queensland.

“While it is inconceivable to us that any major party could think that the definition of marriage should not be a non–negotiable element of party policy, the Prime Minister’s proposal at least gives Labor a chance of holding votes in this constituency in an election that is shaping every day as more and more likely to be close,” said Mr Wallace.

“Nonetheless the left has forced wiser heads in the party into an equivocal position that clearly passes the advantage on this issue to the Coalition.”

ACL reaffirms that it will continue to demand of Labor that it adopt a more unequivocal position in support of marriage.