Time is running out to tell your Federal Member of Parliament that you value marriage and do not want to see the Marriage Act changed.

MPs are preparing to report in Parliament on their constitutents' views on marriage in a couple of weeks. GetUp and others who want to see this time-honoured institution changed to include homosexual marriage are actively encouraging people to contact their local MPs. It is important that we counter this effort and let our politicians know that the majority of Australians continue to support the current definition of marriage.

To show your support, contact your MP through our Make A Stand website. Some points that you might consider making:

  • Same-sex marriage is not widely supported in the community and is strongly opposed by people of faith in Australia.

  • This is not an issue of discrimination, with 85 federal laws amended in 2008 to remove substantive discrimination against same-sex couples.

  • This is an important issue for Christians. Marriage is something we hold sacred as Christians.

A personal email, hand-written letter, and even a visit to your MP's office are also effective ways to communicate the message that marriage is important to the community. You can find your MP's contact details on his or her homepage, available here, and if you're not sure who your local MP is you can find out here.

It is important that the small but active group of same-sex marriage proponents do not give our politicians the impression that most Australians want to see this law changed. Your voice is important.