To our friends in the LGBTIQ community: We don’t hate you.

I mean that with all my heart.

It grieves me that anyone who disagrees with the public policy aims of the same-sex marriage movement is characterised as a hater.

The Greens did this in their email to supporters today.

Bigot and homophobe are words we could do without during the long months ahead of this postal plebiscite.

We won’t throw eggs at your offices and we won’t tell people to send you noxious substances in the post.

When you hold public meetings, we won’t start shouting and drowning out your speakers.

We will not occupy your podiums and intimidate mothers who are trying to have their say.

We will allow respectful debate.

We will work to keep the public square open so discussion about the importance of mothering and fathering is allowed.

We will campaign hard to ensure freedom of speech and religion does not go backwards.

We will work hard to ensure children and parents know the dangers of gender theory and how this flows from the philosophy that flies with same-sex marriage under the rainbow flag.

Our motivation is not hate, it is love.

It is human flourishing.

I know that is your motivation too and on that score we are in furious agreement.

I know you believe your point of view to be true, as do we.

By all means argue robustly and fight for your position. We will too.

But can we agree together to speak the truth in love?