All Queenslanders will be shocked by revelations in the Queensland Parliament yesterday that 27 Queensland babies were born alive and then left to die after failed late-term abortions.

Australian Christian Lobby Queensland Director Wendy Francis said the revelations were made by the Minister for Health, Cameron Dick, in response to a question on notice from Cleveland MP Mark Robinson.

Mr Dick revealed that last year 27 Queensland babies were born alive after late term abortions, and allowed to die. It would seem that medical assistance was not rendered. This is more than one baby per fortnight.  

“If this number of babies are born alive after late term abortions, how many more otherwise viable babies are aborted who, under normal circumstances, would be cared for in a neonatal intensive-care unit for premature newborn infants?” Ms Francis said.

“It is nothing short of horrifying to think that babies of about 20 weeks - the same age when premature babies are considered viable and being saved - are left to die alone, in pain, and thrown into the garbage.

“If we as a society believe this practice is okay, we have turned a dark corner in history.

“And if this is happening now, what can we expect if Cairns MP Rob Pyne gets his way and all restrictions to late term abortions are removed. Mr Pyne’s bill seeks to introduce the most radical abortion legislation in Australia. The community is understandably shocked at Mr Pyne’s grotesque plan to allow babies viable outside the womb to be killed for no medical reason.”

In a Galaxy Poll conducted between Friday 6 May and Sunday 8 May 2016, two thirds of voters in Queensland (66%) believe that an unborn child at 20 weeks of pregnancy is a human person with human rights and 85% of Queenslanders are opposed to abortion after 20 weeks.

“As if the thought of a tiny baby dying alone without care is not traumatic enough, consider the young mother, and the medical staff who had to participate in, or witness, the abortion.

“It is quite simply wrong for a viable life to be left to die because they are inconvenient or considered not worth living. As knowledge grows on how a baby’s life begins in the mother’s womb, the community is becoming increasingly alarmed by the high levels of abortions.

“Current abortion laws should not be weakened. Women deserve better than abortion. They need stronger safeguards such as anti-coercion laws, a requirement for provision of free professional counselling independent of the abortion doctor, coupled with a cooling-off period.

“In addition, much better support services for women are required so they can choose the life-giving alternatives of keeping the child, adopting or fostering – and not feeling that abortion is their only choice,” Ms Francis said.


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