Prayer in Parliament

The Lord’s Prayer is a reminder to all parliamentarians that they are not the highest power, the prayer was one of the founding standing orders from the beginning of Australian federal parliament in 1901.


Liberal National Coalition

The Coalition have consistently stood by the Lord’s Prayer as an important part of parliamentary standing orders. 

Australian Labor Party 

The Labor Party have consistently voted to remove the Lord’s Prayer from parliamentary standing orders. During the most recent debate to remove the Lord’s Prayer in the federal senate, all 20 ALP senators who were present in the chamber voted in favor of the Greens motion.

Australian Conservatives 

The Australian Conservatives respect the Lord’s Prayer as part of parliamentary tradition.  

They acknowledge that it is a long-standing tradition which has a long heritage in both Australia and other Westminster democracies. 

The Greens 

The Greens have been urging for the Lord’s prayer to be removed from federal parliamentary standing orders for years. Last year Greens' senator Rhiannon moved a motion to abolish the prayer from the start of sittings and replace it with a statement that included religious and non-religious beliefs.