A Queensland Parliamentary inquiry into abortion laws has heard that approximately 200 babies have been left to die over the past decade, promoting a warning from the Australian Christian Lobby that the number of infant deaths will spike if both major political parties renege on their promises by supporting Cairns MP Rob Pyne’s reckless abortion bill.

At the public hearing yesterday, Associate Professor Rebecca Kimble said that abortion was already accessible throughout Queensland including when the baby is post 22 weeks. 

Dr John Wakefield from Queensland Health, said any babies born and gasping for air were currently issued with a birth certificate.

“These babies are recognised by the law as human beings but yet are not afforded the right to health care as other people are,” ACL Queensland Director Wendy Francis said.

“Would we as a society leave anyone else to die as we do these young babies?

“What Mr Pyne is proposing is a bill which removes all restrictions and such stories of babies gasping for air as they are left to die will become common place.

“Promises were made to not change the current abortion legislation by both the Liberal National Party and Labor Party prior to the last election. The parties must uphold their commitment and not allow a conscience vote on a bill that will deliberately undermine the wellbeing of young Queenslanders and their parents.”

Late term abortions are under the spotlight in Queensland as the parliamentarians decide whether to support Mr Pyne’s bill. Statistics provided to the inquiry indicated that last year, 112 post 20-week abortions were performed in hospitals and a further 18 in private clinics. 

Over the past 11 years, 204 late term babies were born alive and left to die. In 2015, the number was 27.

In May, almost 24,000 people signed a petition against the Pyne abortion bill.

Of the 127 submissions received by the committee, 15 supported the Bill, 80 opposed the bill, 21 are pending and 3 were indecisive.

A survey running in the Cairns Post shows that 67 per cent oppose any changes to the abortion laws. Another survey conducted by Galaxy Research shows that 88 per cent of Queenslanders are opposed to late-term abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy, 74 per cent are opposed to abortions past the first trimester and one in two Queenslanders are opposed to abortion for non-medical reasons.


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