Media Release

The vast majority of Christians are opposed to euthanasia and would be deeply concerned about a bill to legalise voluntary euthanasia which is set to be debated in the WA Parliament tomorrow, the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) said today.

ACL WA Director Michelle Pearse today urged WA parliamentarians to reject the euthanasia bill and said claims by the group ‘Christians Supporting Choice for Voluntary Euthanasia’ that many Christians support euthanasia give a false impression regarding the true views of the overwhelming majority of Christians.

“ACL has battled strongly against euthanasia being legalised for years at both State and Federal levels and before numerous parliamentary inquiries. In consulting with churches and Christian leaders in WA, as well as elsewhere, we have been left in no doubt that the vast majority of Christians are opposed to euthanasia,” Mrs Pearse said.

“The Christian community’s strong opposition to legalising euthanasia is reflected by the fact that over 1200 emails have been sent to Upper House members through the ACL’s ‘Care not killing’ campaign on our Make A Stand website at

“And while only 100 WA residents have signed Christians Supporting Choice for Voluntary Euthanasia’s petitions which were sent to Members of the Legislative Council, a massive 6,117 WA residents have signed petitions presented to the Legislative Council opposing euthanasia – with most of these signatures collected from WA churches.”

Mrs Pearse said that throughout history Christians have advocated for better palliative care including emotional support for the dying.

“Christians believe that every life has intrinsic worth beyond measure, no matter what a person’s physical or emotional state may be. Legalising euthanasia seeks to put a measure on the value of human lives rather than affirming its worth even in the most difficult circumstances.

“The Judeo-Christian ethic which Australian society is based on is about caring for others and a commitment to life and hope – it does not endorse killing as an alternative to helping people.”

Mrs Pearse added that supposed safeguards for euthanasia legislation don’t work.

“In the Netherlands where euthanasia has been practiced since the 1990s, 1000 people per year are killed without their consent. The Dutch experience shows that so-called voluntary euthanasia quickly becomes non-voluntary euthanasia.

“Euthanasia endangers the lives of the most vulnerable, the people we should be striving hardest to protect. We urge all WA parliamentarians to oppose the euthanasia bill.”

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