[caption id="attachment_4811" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Major Peter Wood from the Salvation Army addresses the audience on the importance and meaning of marriage"][/caption]

Last night’s Northern Territory man+wife4life campaign meeting at Charles Darwin University was a huge success.

Australian Christian Lobby’s NT spokeswoman Lois Fong said there was more than 100 people from at least 13 churches at the meeting to support the current definition of marriage, between a man and woman.

“One-hundred-and-ten people signed the register to support the meaning of marriage,” she said.

The audience heard from a number of speakers including representatives from the Salvation Army, Baptist Union NT, Catholic Diocese of Darwin, Baptist Church and Apostolic Church of Australia.

“The evening ran really smoothly; The Bishop Eugene Hurley from the Catholic Diocese of Darwin was excellent as was Major Peter Wood from the Salvation Army,” Mrs Fong said.

“Toni Rehrmann spoke as a school chaplain and focused on the fact that children fared best when raised in a family with a mother and a father whose marriage was healthy.

“Joy White from the Bagot Community and Connie, health worker from Yuendumu, spoke from a cultural perspective but tied it in beautifully with the Genesis account,” she said.

The meeting was reported in the NT News and on the ABC.