Reason seems to have given way to trendiness and the socially acceptable in the marriage debate. Many who support same-sex marriage have done so for fear of being labelled irrelevant or a dinosaur.

The view of marriage between a man and woman is not irrelevant, it’s timeless. We will continue the fight in 2015 with increasing strength, but we need your voice to help us.

David Leyonhjelm bill

David Leyonhjelm is a libertarian Senator with some radical views, such as his latest comments on gun laws. He will table his same-sex marriage Bill in the Senate in 2015, pushing for the Coalition to allow its members a conscience vote on the issue.

A conscience vote must be resisted on the grounds that it will enable Coalition members seeking free media publicity and good favour to achieve it by coming out in support of same-sex marriage. It will also isolate individual members of the party, enabling them to be targeted by the media and LGBTI lobby one at a time. This will exert huge pressure on individual politicians.

Fortunately most members of parliament wish to keep marriage laws as-is, but we will continue our work to rally more members to our cause.

Labor’s 2015 National Conference

There is a push within the Labor party to make same sex marriage binding party policy. This will be raised and voted on at their national conference this year.

Labor currently permits its members a conscience vote on the issue.

If the policy were to become binding, Labor politicians of conscience will be in a difficult situation. Labor rules state that, where a member votes against party policy in Parliament, that member may be expelled from the Labor party. Labor politicians are not allowed to “cross the floor.”

New ACT Chief Minister, Andrew Barr

Late in 2014 the ACT became the first Australian jurisdiction to gain an openly gay head of state. Former Chief Minister, Katie Gallagher has retired in order to take up a vacant seat in the Senate.

Mr Barr has vowed to fight for same sex marriage in his new role. The ACT has tried to legislate same sex marriage under Ms Gallagher, but the laws were struck down by the High Court. It was held that marriage laws can only be made and modified by the Federal Government.