University of Sydney legal academic Professor Patrick Parkinson, the author of ACL-commissioned research report For Kids' Sake, has today written in the Sydney Morning Herald about the importance of marriage in the upbringing of children. He says:

“We need to look afresh at the overwhelming evidence that children do best in families with two married parents. It is not the wedding ring that does it. What seems to make the difference is that process of clear decision and public commitment. The promise to commit for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health really matters when the ''worse'' happens, when money is tight, and when sickness strikes. Of course it is not a guarantee, but the likelihood that a non-marital relationship with children will break down is many times higher than for marriages.”

The Australian newspaper has also editorialised on the For Kids Sake report, saying,

“Before departing further from the ideal of two married parents bringing up their children, governments considering the "rights" of same-sex couples wanting to adopt or those of 40 or 50-something single women seeking IVF should consider whether such developments serve the best interests of children. It is impossible to generalise, but the serious breakdown of traditional family life has corresponded with a significant rise in social dysfunction.”