Ever wanted to debate your friends and family about marriage more effectively?

We have put together some of the most frequently asked questions in this debate, answered in Dr Ryan Anderson’s clear and forensic style.

Dr. Ryan T. Anderson is the one of the foremost experts on the marriage debate in the world. Ryan came to Australia in August 2015 as part of an east-coast tour of major capital cities giving his clear reasons as to why Australia should retain the current definition of marriage and why same-sex marriage isn’t helpful for society

Why mothers and fathers have complimentary strengths children need

What about Infertile couples and the child-centric argument for marriage?

What affect is redefining marriage having on same-sex adoption?

Marriage equality vs marriage reality

What about splitting marriage into civil and religious marriage?

What is Marriage?

What is Equality?

The other side of the rainbow – Millie Fontanas story.

Does Christian teaching on marriage contribute to mental illness and suicide amongst LGBTI youth?

Has the sexual revolution damaged the integrity of marriage?

Redefining marriage means deleting the idea that a child has a right to a mother and father

If we redefined marriage, how would you prevent further redefinitions of marriage in the future?

If we redefine marriage, what are the consequenses for religious liberty and freedom?

Dr. Ryan T. Anderson – The Cost of ‘Equality’ – Melbourne Australia, 20 August 2015

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