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The marriage plebiscite is a referendum on consequences.

Changing Australia’s marriage laws will have profound and far-reaching consequences.

Our first ad of the campaign tells the story of three Australian mums.

Each of these mums are concerned about the gender-bending nonsense currently taught in so-called “Safe Schools”.

These mums have seen how in countries with gay marriage, parents have lost the right to take their kids out of classes that teach gender fluidity. 

As one mum says in the ad, in countries with gay marriage, “these types of programs become widespread and compulsory.” 

Together, we can win the plebiscite and preserve marriage, but only if we can get this message in front of as many Australians as possible.

It is going to cost $35,000 per night to keep this ad on the air.

Will you help make sure that millions of Australians will understand the consequences of changing our marriage laws?