Dr Kermit Gosnell (left) ran two multi-million dollar abortion clinics in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and was arrested in 2011 charged with eight counts of murder. Prosecutors allege he was responsible for the death of a woman and that he killed seven babies who were born alive. He could face the death penalty should he be found guilty.

His trial began in the United States last month, with several former employees testifying against him. One claims that they saw 100 babies' spinal cords being snipped with scissors. Many babies were allegedly older than the 24-week limit for abortions in the state.

Denison Forum, a Christian ministry in the US, has raised concerns about the failure of the media to report on trials with such enormous implications for human rights, particularly the rights of the unborn. They note Kristen Powers in USA Today explaining that none of the news shows on the three major national television networks have mentioned the Gosnell trial in the last three months. She says "this should be front page news. When Rush Limbaugh attached Sandra Fluke, there was non-stop media hysteria…Yet, accusations of babies having their heads severed - a major human rights story if there ever was one - doesn't make the cut…The deafening silence of too much of the media, once a force for justice in America, is a disgrace."

Abortion continues to be a major issue in Australian politics. The introduction of a private member’s bill by Tasmanian Health Minister Michelle O'Byrne's Reproductive Health (Access to Terminations) Bill into the state parliament recently has attracted widespread criticism from people all over the country.

The community has raised concern about the extreme nature of the abortion bill, originally allowing abortion on demand for up to 24 weeks but recently changed to 16 weeks. This removes protection of the most vulnerable in society and diminishes the rights of unborn children.

The Church in Tasmania has expressed their disagreement with the proposed legislation. Last week saw each of Tasmania's major heads of Churches and Christian networks launch a joint statement presented to parliament affirming that all human life is sacred. You can support this initiative by signing the Salamanca Declaration at believeintasmania.com.

ACL made its own submission to the inquiry on the bill and launched a 'Make a Stand' campaign encouraging Tasmanians to lobby their politicians against the proposed legislation.