For release: Friday 4th March 2011

The Australian Christian Lobby today welcomed Prime Minster Julia Gillard’s commitment to marriage between a man and woman but is calling for her to dump the Greens’ ‘territories’ rights’ bill.

“She must withdraw the Government’s support for Senator Bob Brown’s bill because the Government mustn’t give him a mechanism like this to subvert the election promises of Labor and Coalition on marriage,” said Managing Director Jim Wallace.

“The Greens’ want a foothold for same-sex marriage in one of the Territories and unless this bill is killed off, they will seek by legislative fatigue to wear the Parliament down until it caves in.

“Whilst sending the bill to a Senate Committee buys time, the real test of Labor’s commitment not to be dictated to by the Greens, particularly on social policy, is to deny support for this bill,” he said.


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