For release: Thursday March 3rd, 2011

Greens’ social revolution by stealth must be halted

The Australian Christian Lobby today welcomed reports that Prime Minister Gillard is considering reversing Labor’s support for the Green’s euthanasia-and-gay-marriage-by-stealth bill.

“She and her party were clearly deceived to the intent of this by the Greens and they must reject it,” ACL Managing Director Jim Wallace said.

“The Australian public is not settled on the ideas of euthanasia or same-sex marriage yet the Greens would be happy for five people on Norfolk Island or nine people in the ACT to decide this for us.

“They are trying to wear us down by legislation fatigue to gain acceptance of their non-mainstream agendas.

“If Labor allows this bill to be passed today, what other lunatic fringe agendas will the Greens have them pursuing tomorrow?

“We have already seen the Greens waste weeks of Parliamentary time in four State Parliaments in their failed pursuit of euthanasia. Each time it has been rejected because extensive inquiries have proven that euthanasia laws cannot be made safe for elderly and vulnerable people.”

Mr Wallace urged both major parties to not allow their election commitments on marriage to be subverted by the Greens’ tactics.

“It was disingenuous of Greens leader Bob Brown to be claiming that his ‘territories’ rights’ bill had nothing to do with same-sex marriage and euthanasia, and both parties must make it clear that they will be neither legislating nor setting up undemocratic mechanisms to facilitate the Greens fringe agendas,” Mr Wallace said.


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