For release: 22nd March 2011

The possibility of a prominent Greens candidate in the March 26th NSW election pursuing a formal state-wide boycott of Israel is further evidence of the Greens’ policy extremes, Jim Wallace Managing Director of the Australian Christian Lobby said today.

Ms Fiona Byrne, the Greens candidate in the inner-western Sydney seat of Marrickville, has already implemented a boycott at the local government level as Mayor of Marrickville, and is on the public record as planning to pursue the issue in the state parliament, if elected.

“Whilst we would not want to see dismissed the faults of either side in the long-running Middle Eastern conflict, a simplistic political boycott of Israel demonstrates extremism and lack of balance,” Mr Wallace said.

The pursuit of the nation of Israel by the Greens in the state of New South Wales reinforces the recent comment of Prime Minister Julia Gillard that the Greens operate at the extremes of the political spectrum.

“The people of NSW are expecting the next parliament to focus on solving problems that affect their everyday lives,” he said.

“They do not want to see the Parliament’s time wasted in pursuit of the Greens’ radical one-sided ideological agenda in the international,” he said.

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