For release: 7th of March, 2011

With Parliament resuming tomorrow, the Australian Christian Lobby has called on Parliamentarians not to waste valuable time on Greens’ inspired radical social legislation such as euthanasia which has already been considered and rejected.

ACL’s Tasmanian State Director Mark Brown said there were important issues facing the State and legislators should not be distracted revisiting issues many of them had already spent days working on in Parliamentary inquiries and debate in the house.

“Days of parliamentary time have already been used debating euthanasia legislation which was rejected by the Tasmania Parliament as recently as November 2009 by 15 votes to nine,” he said.

“Euthanasia and assisted suicide advocate Dr Phillip Nitschke is presumptuously planning for a euthanasia clinic in anticipation for legislation to be passed this year.

“Legalising voluntary euthanasia is the intentional taking of innocent human life, which is contrary to the intent of the law to protect human life.

“Safeguards against abuse in euthanasia law have proven inadequate in protecting the lives of vulnerable elderly and sick patients who are made to feel a burden by such laws.

“It is not clear what new information the Greens can offer to allay the well-documented problems around designing euthanasia laws that don’t result in the abuse of vulnerable people or the de-funding of palliative care services,” he said.

Mr Brown was also concerned about proposed surrogacy legislation which would allow singles and same-sex couples to commission babies through surrogacy, deliberately denying a child the right to a mother or father.

The Parliament also looks set to revisit brothel laws but both Labor and Liberal had agreed to investigate the Swedish model which penalises the purchaser of a woman’s body.

“With recent debate again on the size of parliament, resources could be better utilised focussing on issues that have wider public outcomes.

“Our politicians need to focus on making sure the economy is running strongly, overhauling our broken child protection system and reducing hospital waiting times,” Mr Brown said.

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