Media Release

20,000 parents and grandparents support religious freedom for schools

New evidence shows that politicians are out of step with community expectations on religious freedom warns the Australian Christian Lobby. 

Recent reform proposals and the Senate committee recommendations to wind back school freedoms mean faith-based schools would be unable to operate wholly in accord with their ethos.  

According to Martyn Iles, managing director of the ACL, this is not just an attack on religion. “This is an attack on the parents and families who have made huge sacrifices in order to be a part of their school communities. This impacts their way of life.”  

“Over 20,000 parents and grandparents have signed up to say no changes to school freedoms. This sentiment has also been reflected in the Newspoll released by the Australian today which confirms the majority of Australians support protecting religious freedom for schools.” 

“Despite 59 per cent of people supporting religious freedom, politicians are quibbling over a policy change brought about by Fairfax Media’s initial misrepresentations of the Ruddock Review recommendations.”  

“We are in this current predicament purely because of false information.” 

“The government and opposition should listen to those most impacted by changes to religious freedoms rather than media misinformation and political elites. The people are speaking, if they care to listen.” 

The Australian Christian Lobby urges federal parliament to act in the best interest of millions of Australians and protect religious freedom. 

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