Media Release

 ACL Congratulates Gina Rinehart on Gender Ideology Stance 

WA State Director of the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) today congratulated Mrs Rinehart for standing with parents who object to their daughters being indoctrinated with gender ideology at St Hilda’s Anglican School. 

Mr Abetz commented, “It takes a lot of courage for parents to take a stand against their children being indoctrinated with gender ideology in the classroom. Many parents fear that their children will be targeted by staff if they voice their opposition. 

“Gender ideology is diametrically opposed to the traditional Jewish, Christian, and Muslim teachings on sex and gender. It is encouraging for parents to have someone of Mrs Rinehart’s standing in the community use her voice to support them.  

‘“Gender ideology has no basis in science. No amount of wishful thinking can change the biological reality that a person is male or female.   

“Parents need to come together to take a stand against their school being used to peddle this commonsense defying ideology which does not withstand scientific scrutiny.” 

The ACL continues to call on State and Federal governments to follow the lead of many international governments and conduct an inquiry into gender treatment in Australia, particularly regarding children.  

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